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August 24, 2019, 02:46:53 PM

Author Topic: GECO 9mm Mak, .45ACP, 300 Blackout free shipping at Midway USA  (Read 91 times)

Online Duodec

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I'm not going to call this a really great sale but at least for the 9mm Makarov its pretty good pricing, and the .300 blackout is cheaper than I can find it anywhere locally.  Sale started last week but now its marked for free shipping.

Geco ammo sale at Midway

.45ACP 230gr JHP $12.99/box 50
9mm Mak 90gr FMJ $8.49/box 50
.300 Blackout 220gr Sierra Matchking subsonic $11.89/box 20

Ships free with minimum order of $49 of free shipping products (not everything is free shipping).  But order $49 worth of this ammo and its free shipping